The Leary Firefighters Foundation, By Paul L. Palandjian

September 25, 2012

An accomplished professional who believes in private philanthropy and community service, Paul Palandjian proudly serves on the board of The Leary Firefighters Foundation, a nonprofit organization founded by actor and comedian Denis Leary. Paul L. Palandjian maintains his commitment to the organization because of his appreciation for the sacrifices and contributions firefighters make to society.

Denis Leary established the foundation in 2000 following the death six firefighters, including his cousin and a friend, in a Massachusetts fire. Since its founding, The Leary Firefighters Foundation contributes funds to local departments for needed safety equipment and training. In the 12 years the fund has been in operation, it has donated more than $10 million to departments in Massachusetts, New York, and Louisiana. Following Hurricane Katrina, which hit New Orleans in 2005, The Leary Firefighters Foundation donated 14 search-and-rescue boats to the fire department and began restoring nearly a dozen firehouses rendered inoperable following the natural disaster.


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