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Three Effective Tennis Drills

July 22, 2011

Posted by RLHyde

By Paul Palandjian

1. The best tennis players understand how to effectively play the net and make their opponent struggle to keep up. In order to achieve this, players must possess a great deal of stamina and confidence in their own coordination and footwork. To build these skills, find two partners and place them on the baseline at opposite ends of the court. Stand at the service line on the other side and have the other two players begin a volley with you. Focus on sending the volleys back in a gentle, controlled manner and keep the balls in play as long as you can. You should move around and strike the ball from whichever side and angle makes the most sense. Through this exercise, you build endurance, refine your ability to react quickly to shots, and gain confidence with your footwork. Try to keep the volleys going for 5 to 10 minutes and then rotate so that all three players have a turn at the net.

2. A well-rounded player must be capable of sending a ball from the back of the court to the back of the opponent’s court. In order to develop the power and control necessary for this type of shot, while continuing to build stamina, find a partner who will stand on a one corner at the baseline of the opposite side of the court. While you stand at the baseline in the middle of your side, have your partner send a ball to you. Return the ball to the partner and sustain a volley for as long as possible. Although your partner should never move, he or she should send the ball to different places in the court, forcing you to run and make quick decisions. After about five minutes, have your partner change sides so that you gain practice sending the ball to both corners of the opponent’s side.

3. The following drill continues to improve your accuracy while creating an excellent opportunity to practice serving the ball. With a partner, stand on opposite sides of the court and play only in the service court, effectively cutting the player area in half. Play a normal game, focusing on accuracy with both serves and returns.